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Frequently, when clients come to see us, even after the first appointment, they leave with:

  • a sense of being unburdened
  • a feeling of direction and purpose which provides a feeling of relief
  • a freedom to explore and talk freely precisely because the therapist is not connected with them in the rest of their life
  • a perception that "finally" facing something that is so important but up-to-now ignored issue is the right thing to do
  • plan or strategy that they have a committed therapist to help them with
  • an awareness that the therapist is aware of the incredible courage and strength that it requires to go to the first session, and an awareness of the therapist's respect for the wisdom that is brought to the session

But let's be real. Seeing a counsellor usually is not most people's idea of a great time. 

Before seeing a therapist, a person has often been mulling it over for a long time...sometimes they've had someone pushing them into it for some time (never a comfortable position for either). 

A person doesn't know 

Little wonder that us counsellor types have often been unfavourably compared to a root canal!

Let this website at Bergen and Associates Counselling answer your questions and familiarize you with our approach. Bergen and Associates Counselling uses iPads and cutting edge research to do our Feedback Enhanced Therapy which ensures that the process fits you. Make an informed decision about going to counselling.

The therapists at Bergen and Associates Counselling are available to facilitate the exploration of your difficult place. We offer an opportunity to create new and healthy patterns; to understand and step out of damaging routines.

Through careful and effective discussion, we can help you process a distressing situation or area of your life. Free from the "rut", you may discover a way to live the life you want to live.

Blog ~ A Thoughtful Look at Life

September 11, 2014

Watching horrific things on video is traumatizing…repeatedly watching is as or more traumatizing than being there at the actual occurrence. How can we honour tragedy in a way other than traumatizing ourselves?

Hump Day Nudge: Voices blending in an epic patty cake song…reminding us in word and rhythm that we walk together…not alone

On CJOB with Dahlia Kurtz…the top 5 regrets of the dying can become the top 5 opportunities of the living…at the beginning of September, let's learn the life lessons those at the end of life wish they had learnt!

Carolyn was one of the first responders at the bus accident last week on the Coquihalla Highway near Merrit last week in BC…her experience of being with those in trauma...

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