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Let's be real. Seeing a counsellor usually is not most people's idea of a great time. 

Before seeing a therapist, a person has often been mulling it over for a long time...sometimes they've had someone pushing them into it for some time (never a comfortable position for either). 

A person doesn't know 

Little wonder that us counsellor types have often been unfavourably compared to a root canal!

Let this website at Bergen and Associates Counselling answer your questions and familiarize you with our approach. Bergen and Associates Counselling uses iPads and cutting edge research to do our Feedback Enhanced Therapy which ensures that the process fits you. Make an informed decision about going to counselling.

Frequently, when clients come to see us, even after the first appointment, they leave with:

The therapists at Bergen and Associates Counselling are available to facilitate the exploration of your difficult place. We offer an opportunity to create new and healthy patterns; to understand and step out of damaging routines.

Through careful and effective discussion, we can help you process a distressing situation or area of your life. Free from the "rut", you may discover a way to live the life you want to live.

Blog ~ A Thoughtful Look at Life

April 17, 2014

Hump Day Nudge: It's smarter to travel together…90 seconds to remind you very sweetly and practically how we belong to each other.

What do selfies teach us about ourselves?

Falling Floyd: Shame resilience in a cartoon…understand yourself better by seeing Floyd negotiate his own life?

Whole hearted living…living a both/and life instead of either/or…part of the Momastery's Messy Beautiful Warrior blog sharing event. Thanx, Glennon Melton, for a most interesting project.

A DIY for parents to gift their children with a relationship plumb line for their lives…a book that reminds them of who they are…details on the blog!

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