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The New Blog is LIve!

- by Carolyn Bergen

After months of delays and problems that couldn't have been predicted...the new website platform is being used for Bergen and Associates Counselling.

You will see a new look...the old one was tired and created for a day when the internet didn't look as it does now. This new format allows me to post videos again. It allows for sharing through Facebook and other social media. It simply allows us to make changes without having to pray that the system doesn't reject basic changes. 

It's a relief.

And although I believe that erectile dysfunction medication is an option that couples should know about as part of his health and their relationship, our website will no longer promote them through the search engines. Some virus was having them showing up in the search for our site which was driving me crazy. I'm told Google will take a few days working that out of its system, but we will be an "erectile dysfunction medication free zone" within days! 

Photo of what used to show up on Google for Bergen and Associates Counselling


However...this project has had more hiccups than an unborn baby (at least mine...and they had a lot!)...and they continue. 

The new site went "live" today in a bit of a scramble, cuz my "web guy" is going on vacation tomorrow...and there are hours of links and changes that need to be made...and they couldn't be made until it goes live. I don't start teaching for about three weeks...and I gotta make hay while the sun shines...and classes haven't started. 

Unfortunately, some of the drop down menus haven't been finished...and a lot of the links in the text throughout the site won't work...cuz I haven't made them work yet. And the coding glitches on the site...they have to wait for web-guy to come back from's summer, and I encourage people to take care of themselves...and he is. So who am I to complain?

We'll get there...

but we ask for your patience.

Cuz life rarely travels in a straight line, projects rarely roll out as intended, life throws curveballs that couldn't have been anticipated, and adjustments have to occur mid-course. 

That's how we roll.

We work with clients to help them build resilience to life's difficulties. 

This website transition has stretched and strengthened my resilience muscles more than is convenient. 

but then life so often isn't convenient, is it?

But worth it. Always worth it.


Blog ~ A Thoughtful Look at Life

May 26, 2016

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